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Operational Health Check

An operational health check is both a subjective and an objective process whereby the business is evaluated on its ability to develop, implement and manage a robust operating environment. The process is objective when there is or is not a process or person present to perform the specific activities. Whereas the process is subjective in that the “raters” subjectively determine (using opinion and ideas) the score of each specific area (based on effectiveness)—when both a process and a person are available to perform specific activities.


The scoring ranges from 0 to 3 and the overall score is an average of all scores within a specific area (e.g.: Administrative Capacity).


·         0 = unconsidered – this specific area has not been considered as relevant at this time (objective)

·         1 = none existent – there is no process or person available to perform this specific area (objective)

·         2 = partially existent – there is either a process or a person adequately available to perform this specific area       (subjective)

·         3 = fully implemented – there is both an adequate process and a capable person available to perform this specific area (objective)


When the overall score is less than 3, the organization needs to consider how it might secure additional human assets to build a robust operating environment.

Sample Operational Health Check

Screenshot (76).png
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