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Special Events & Fundraisers

Because we have an unquenchable thirst for effectively serving our customers (current and prospective), we are committed to sponsoring special events that help them and their business quickly grow by bridging their current operational capacity to the next level of organizational and operational health. Our events play a significant role in supporting our customers, these events include:


1) experienced and informed speakers,

2) pertinent and timely information,

3) socialization and food, and

3) interactions (brainstorming) with people of like-mindedness (a drive for excellence, a heart of integrity, a commitment to process, and a hunger for business acumen)


JA Simms Ventures places a high value on effectively serving its customers, therefore we work to make these events highly successful for them.  While attendance is by invite only, we continue to expand our invite list to special guests who are not yet our customers. For more information about our events, please contact us.

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